How to Claim

To claim on the policy, patients will need to contact their weight loss surgery provider within 48 hours of symptoms arising.

Patients will be required to demonstrate they have complied with pre- and postoperative follow-up schedules provided by their weight loss surgery provider. Patients will require a medical report from their surgeon within two weeks of symptoms first arising in support of their claim.

The provider then passes the claim to an Independent Medical Examiner to review the case and determine the percentage pay out.


What is paid out and how?

In the event of the patient developing pre-specified complications, BariPROTECT™ will pay out to the medical provider a proportion of the cost the patient paid for the original procedure. The medical provider then transfers this sum to the patient. The amount paid out to the patient will depend on the named complication encountered.

For full terms and conditions please contact your weight loss surgery provider.