Information for Patients

Within the private sector there are no provisions for protecting self-paying private patients against the costs of developing complications following bariatric surgery. Complications may occur in the 30-days after surgery (acute complications) or in the subsequent months (chronic complications).

Many patients save for years or take out finance to pay for life changing bariatric surgery. Bariatric surgery typically costs between £4000 to £20,000. Patients who develop an acute complication may require costly specialist investigations or consultations, reoperation or revisional surgery. With BariPROTECT™, depending on the severity of complication, patients could receive up to a 100% cash back refund of the costs of the original operation.

Chronic complications after surgery (e.g. gastric band slippage, pouch formation, band erosion, leakage from the band port, internal hernias following the bypass) may require specialist assessment, and investigations (such as barium and CT scans), followed by reoperation in select cases. Private bariatric patients are liable for covering the costs of treating these complications. BariPROTECT™ will provide private patients the opportunity to cover some/all of the costs of treating named chronic complications.