Information for Medical Providers

  • In the event of the patient developing pre-specified named complications, BariPROTECT™ will pay out a proportion (up to 100%) of the cost of the original operation. The amount paid to the patient will depend on the severity of the named complication encountered.
  • BariPROTECT™ will only cover procedures performed by accredited surgeons in accredited facilities. Those with a proven track record, low complication rates and good follow-up programs.
  • BariPROTECT™ will only be available to reputable private clinics who pass the vigorous checks thereby driving up standards of care in the private weight loss surgery market.
  • BariPROTECT™ will allow peace of mind to private patients thereby increasing their confidence to proceed with surgery.
  • BariPROTECT™ meets the increasing demand of private patients pursuing weight loss surgery.